Give it Time

After her first album, Inner Stories, which received a critical acclaim in 2011, and a French tour in 2012, the singer and pianist Raphaële Atlan went back to the studios in 2014 to record Give It Time, essentially made of personal compositions that reveal a unique and creative kind of jazz, a universe full of energy, sweetness and poetry. In this second opus, her music is more than ever a reflection of herself : generous, multifaceted, enthusiastic, and deeply turned towards the world.


Born from a need to escape, several trips as many contemplative wanderings between three bright cities, NYC, Rio and Paris, this second album Give It Time shows the need for authenticity and new horizons that characterizes the young singer and pianist, gifted with an exceptional voice. In addition, the album is in itself a thought about the concept of time : the time one takes to fulfill oneself and make choices, the time one takes to discover, feel, leave ; time : the greatest vertigo of all, as well as our best ally in life…


As she embarked on an artistic journey across the Atlantic, Raphaële brought back a much warmer palette, a more aerial tone which cleverly adds depth to her new original compositions: jazz tainted with Brazilian music, pop, and folk. Adding the guitar and the percussions to the other instruments underlines the influences of this second opus, willingly open, going from Sting and Joni Mitchell to Brian Blade, Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim.


The original lyrics, in English and in French, confirm Raphaële’s natural talent to catch life using both a poetic and universal writing, through which the exploration of the self and the world is pursued, the affirmation of a touching and sensitive personality craving for simplicity, optimism and escape, as well as that peculiar feeling of standing at a crossroad.

Still supported by the brilliant duet that produced the first album, Benoît Sourisse and André Charlier, two famous French jazzmen (Didier Lockwood, Kenny Garrett, Kurt Rosenwinkel, etc.) credited for the artistic direction and the sound, the new work marked by the pianist Vincent Bidal’s composition, which led to the eponymous song « Give It Time », mixes particularly well with the other collaborations as those with Benoît Sourisse and Stéphane Guillaume on the songs “Night passengers” and “What remains”.


On stage, as the accomplished musician with a radiating presence that she is, accompanied by the talented Zacharie Abraham (upright bass), Nicolas Charlier (drums) and Romain Pilon (guitar), Raphaële shines and excels both as an interpret and an improviser, at the voice and at the piano, inviting the public to an unexplored musical journey.
Give It Time
Give It Time
Raphaële Atlan